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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is royal?

Royal is a platform enabling anyone to invest directly in their favorite songs and earn royalties alongside the artist.
We believe in a future where artists' freedom is inevitable. Royal strives to unlock the ability for artists to independently retain the majority rights to their work while opening the door for their community and fans to invest in them and alongside them.

How does royal work?

Artists use royal to share true ownership in their songs directly with fans, as investors.
1) Artists use royal to create digital assets with embedded ownership in the master recording, earning royalties from income-producing activities such as streaming. These assets can also include extras provided by the artist – access to exclusive communities, free merchandise, concert tickets... and more.
2) Investors can purchase these digital assets.
3) Royal collects and distributes royalties to all owners.
4) In the future, owners will be able to buy and sell between one another.

Why would an artist sell their ownership?

With royal, artists have the opportunity to gain independence from traditional deals by getting paid for their work directly from their fans and biggest believers. We are creating a system where artists and fans can benefit mutually without relying on middlemen taking most of the profits.
If you're an artist interested in joining the movement, let's talk. Please fill out the artist submission form.

When will I be able to invest in songs?

We are preparing for launch which will start with a group of exciting top artists. As an investor you can expect to begin investing in late October. And we'll try to keep it interesting until then

How do I sell my music on royal?

We'd love to talk to you. Please fill out the artist submission form.
We'll be incrementally expanding the platform through the beginning of 2022 as we launch and learn from what works best and what needs work.

How soon will everything be on chain?

We plan to build in public with our discord community, sharing our roadmap and development as we go. We expect all assets and smart contracts will be launched fully on chain by early 2022 alongside the ability to exchange assets. For more info as it becomes available, please join our discord.